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It is our great pleasure to briefly introduce our value adding potentials to you. In short, we as a trading company of export and import can play effective roles of your local office in Korea without having any initial investment and spending monthly operational expenses charged on your side.

Comprehensive export functions include finding manufacturing sources, obtaining quotations, placing orders, supervising the production progresses, carrying out QC inspections, and logistic support together with all shipping documents precisely furnished. Of course, all these activities will be carried out while closely coordinated with your company

Our import duties will combine the function of an authorized local agent if established, locating potential customers, product sales to value customers, completing all customs works required for product import, customer surveys, etc. All our sales activities will comply with the supplier marketing policy.

As you may agree with us, all cannot be proven without trials and achievements exercised. Accordingly, we want to remain as one of your core value chain entities. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

About Us

Mr. Wechool Jung

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